A couple of weeks ago they rang me from a Danish magazine here on Costa del Sol called “La Danesa” and asked if I was interested in writing an article about how to get fuller lips for the february issue and of course i said yes!

The magazine came out today and i´m very happy with the final result. The content of todays post will then of course be:

How to get fuller lips – The Natural Way!

When it comes to Make Up you should always think about that light coulours have a magnifying effect while dark colours reduces and hides.

* Start by priming the lips with concealer or foundation (makes the lipstick last longer), you will see a “new” lip line just outside the natural line.

* Fill in the new line with a lip pencil that is the same colour as your own lips or as near as possible. Be careful so you don´t go too far away from the natural line.

* Finish of with a light pink lip pencil on the entire lips, smudge out with your finger for even colour.

The base is ready, time for lipstick!

* Apply with a brush (gives a smooth result) a light lipstick over the lips but leave the middle of your lower lip empty.

* Now apply a lipstick that is one to two shades lighter than the first one on the empty part of your lip, blend it in to the dark lipstick, make sure there are no sharp lines.

* Finish of with transparent or light pink lip gloss in the middle of your upper and lower lip and for the final touch apply a tiny bit of highlighter (light shimmer eye shadow) in the cupids bow.

Another way to get full and rich lips is to use a “lip plumper”. You can buy them  with or without colour and use them as a lipgloss or under your lip stick.

Lip plumpers contains various substances, such as cinnamon and menthol, that irritates the sensitive skin on your lips and makes them swell up. What happens is that the blood vessels dilate and you get an inflammatory reaction when the tissues get irritated.

A combination of lip plumpers and applying lipstick the right way will give you naturally full and rich lips!

Good Luck!