About 3 weeks ago i ordered “Rapid Lash” from a Spanish website. They said it will take 3-5 days to ship. After one week of waiting i was going crazy at the Spanish post, after the second week i thought that this is unbelievable. If you order something from Amazon.com you’ll have it in a couple of days but if you

order from a Spanish site you have to wait for weeks! Strange, so i checked the tracking number… MIAMI, hmm, something must have gone wrong so i checked the website and it is an American site with .es, how stupid!!!

Today, finally, 3 weeks later i received my Rapid Lash. Very exciting! I have never tried it before so i am looking forward to see the result. Will do a before and after photo to see the difference. Anyone who has tried Rapid Lash before??? rapid lash  - eyelash renewal serumBy the way… What a relief! Tele Cinco wasn’t at the shoot yesterday!!!

It went really well, I didn’t manage to get any Making Of photos but the photographer did so i’ll post the photos as soon as i have them!

C x