I have heard a lot about this “powder”, friends and clients have told me that it is great! Good for your skin, easy to apply, natural feel… Me, personally, have never really thought a lot about this brand, until a while ago when i decided to buy the “Bare Minerals get-started-kit”. I can only say one thing: I’m

hooked, there is NO chance i can use anything else now. I cant belive it took me so long to actually try it.
I’m not a big foundation fan, I want it to be as natural as possible but still cover a little bit and make me feel fresh and this is exactly what bare minerals do, i have even stopped using my “Cover all mix” concealer from Make Up Store, and trust me, i couldn’t live without it before.

Living in Marbella means a lot of sun and the bare mineral original foundation has got SPF 15, which is perfect during the day.

I bought my get started kit from Sephora in Corte Ingles, price 69€. it inludes 3 different brushes, 2 original foundation (different colours), 1 mineral veil (translucent powder), 1 shader and one face primer. You can find the kit on the internet a lot cheaper… www.gorgeousshop.co.uk always have some good deals going on!

I recommend you to try it if you havent tried it already!