First makeup I did this week was a very soft and natural look. I created it by using one palette only, the “Infinity palette” from Linda Hallberg. It is a multifunctional palette which means you can use it for everything: eyes, lips, brows, whatever you want. It’s a lovely palette and perfect for everyday use.

I had to give it a go to create a look by only using this palette but of course there were some other products involved as well for the base etc.

I started with “cigar” in the crease to get a little depth, “andromeda” was applied all over the lid and “milk way” in the inner corner and as highlight on the brow bone. I used “fornax” as the eyeliner and also in the water rim. I also blended in a touch of “cigar” and “virgio” in the lower lashline. 

Using this palette for my eyebrows might not be the perfect match but it did definitely do the job. I used a mix of “cigar” and “fornax”. 

Blush is also from the same palette, “pinwheel” on cheeks with “virgio” as highlight. The lips are also “pinwheel” with Infinity glass on top!

Pretty awesome that you can use it for everything! 

The foundation for this look is the “studio fix fluid” from MAC, concealer is “cover all mix” from Make up store and “infinity filter” setting powder from Linda Hallberg. Lashes are “demi wispies” from Ardell Beauty 


I do get a lot of my inspiration from all the lovely plants and flowers that I have around me and I like to use them as props for my looks. When I saw these flowers a silver/purple metallic look popped up in my head and this is the result!

The foundation, concealer and powder I used for this look are the same as the above. I also used “sand” blush for a soft contouring, “a touch of peach” on the cheeks and high tech lighter “nova” as highlight on cheekbones and brow bones. All from make up store.

To create the eyes I started with a silver blue eyeshadow from make up store called ” paus”. Unfortunately I noticed that they don’t have this one anymore. In the inner corner of the eye I applied “silver” from make up store, blended it in really well with “paus” and for the outer corner I used “dagger” and “black market” from Urban Decay’s Naked smoky palette.

To lighten up the inner corner and blend the edges a little I used “girl talk” from NYX. Eyeliner is “black” from make up store and the lips are Rouge G de Guerlain.

I hope you liked the looks this week and that you got inspired to try something different! 



Wishing you a fantastic week!

– Charlotte –