My brides always ask me if the makeup will last all day and night on their wedding day and my answer is always: You might have to do some small touch ups during the day but yes of course, it will last!

It is a big difference in applying your own everyday makeup before work then having a professional applying your bridal makeup. When off to work you are probably always in a bit of a rush, a splash of foundation, quick eyeshadow, mascara and running out from the house. A bridal makeup is a lot different. To start with, I like to spend 45-60 min on the brides makeup. I make sure the skin is clean, fresh and well moisturized before I start applying products. Primer, concealer, foundation, powder, a lot of products are being used and its important not to add too much, you want it too feel light and not look cakey. Its also important to let each product “sink” in to your skin.

Mid makeup check

Eyeshadow and eyeliner under the eyes is not a great look and to avoid this happening I prep the lids with primer and use different eyeshadows to build up an eye that will last until it’s time to take it off!

This is just a quick explanation of how I build it up but as you can see there are many steps and a lot of prep to make the makeup last for a long time.

Last step is that magic bottle – The setting spray! It’s a mist spray that you spray all over your face to set the makeup and it is great! It really makes the makeup stay in place for a long time!

The magic bottle!

I understand this subject can be a little bit worrying, especially if you’re getting married here in sunny and hot Spain but I hope you are feeling a bit better after reading this! One last thing, don’t forget to look after you skin well. Make sure you have a good skin care routine, drink lots and lots of water, eat healthy and please, all of you stay safe & healthy in this crazy time we are in now!

– Charlotte –