Handwritten cards

I never receive any handwritten cards nowadays (I don't send any either to be honest) but the other day I did receive one and it made my day! A handwritten Thank You card with a couple of developed photos from one of my brides. <3 "Dear Charlotte, Thank you so much for helping me look so beautiful [...]

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Christmas Makeover

December is nearly here, a month filled with office parties, christmas dinners and not to forget, New Years Eve. Why not make those events extra special with a makeover? I will apply a makeup look that suits your features, your outfit and the occasion, all in the comfort of your own home! For more information, [...]

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One on One Makeup Lesson

Personalized One on One Makeup Lesson This masterclass is for anyone who wants to learn how to perfectly apply their own makeup, day & night! Learning how to apply your makeup can be so much fun, save you a lot of time and a fortune on buying products that you don’t know how to use [...]

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